Posted by: sdallnct | November 9, 2009

Vacation Day 8 (11/7), day at sea (aka it was a dark and windy day).

Seas really kicking up. We were again unable to sleep the with the balcony door open. The Captain announced swells of 10-12 feet early in the morning, but as the day went on they clearly got bigger. I’d say maybe double that up to 20 foot swells. You could tell they were big as very regularly the Valor (which is a large ship) would shutter from the jolts. Many remarked that they felt uneasy hearing the slight creaking of the ship.

I have been on about 10 cruises. On the first six or seven I always got sick on the third day. Always. After talking to my Dr. he suggested taking the non-drowsy Dramamine starting the day before the cruise and every day regardless of how I felt. Since doing this regiment the last three or four cruises I have never been sick or even felt a hit of the being nauseous. While Dramamine is available over the counter without a prescription, I would still recommend you checking with your Dr. Some may recommend the patch or something else. But even with the ship really rocking, I never felt bad. If anything, I enjoyed watching the rough waves.

As the waves got so big they had to close the main pool. This had the result Lunchof more kids running around on deck. So wife and I ventured to the adult pool area to eat our lunch (had a very good fish and some fruit/veggies). While no kids, I didn’t like this area as well as it felt more confined to me and of course no big screen. One cool thing is as it started raining, we saw the overhead roof close so those in the adult pool (it stayed open) could still swim and not be in the rain. The overhead roof has glass panels so it didn’t effect the sun coming in and took only a minute or two to close.Chocolate

Today one full buffet line was devoted to chocolate! Well there goes all my running for the week! They had chocolate everything!  Chocolate cake, chocolate cheese cake, chocolate shakes, fresh dipped chocolate fruit, oh me oh my!

We took one last look at the photos. One word of warning about the pictures. If you find some early in the cruise you want, go ahead and buy them. We found one we wanted early but thought we would wait and buy all we wanted at the end of the cruise. Problem is they are constantly moving the pictures and end up putting some of the older one’s from the beginning of the cruise in large stacks that take forever to go through. We ended up with one pictured and frame for about $18.00 (the studio type pictures are $21.99 and the Captaingetting off the ship at ports are $11.99 I believe).

Both wife and I attended the debark talk. In addition the Captain had a few words to say.  He passed out some awards to the crew (employee of the month I believe) I do recommend this. I think we last cruised three years ago and things have changed. I won’t go over everything, but basically there are four ways to get off the ship;

  1. With an excursion in Miami
  2. Express check out where you pay an additional $20 per bag and Carnival takes your bags and checks them in with your air carrier so you won’t see them again till you land at your final destination. You have to sign up for this by midnight FRIDAY, but you keep your bags till Saturday night.
  3. “Carry off”. This is where you walk off the ship where you carry every bag yourself. This is the fastest way to get off the ship, but no doubt the hardest. There are no carts or anyone to help you. You must physically hand carry every bag you have.
  4. “Regular”. This where you receive luggage tags in your room on Saturday, tag your luggage and leave them in the hall Saturday night. You then retrieve your bags in the port terminal to go through customs and take a shuttle, taxi or whatever to the airport.

Dinner was nice. I brought down the Champagne I had bought for wife and I for our anniversary to the table to share with everyone. Again service was excellent. I had forgotten I was going to bring the Champaign down and put it on ice in our room only 30 minutes or so before dinner. When I told our wonderful waiter that I wanted this shared with everyone, he felt the bottle and said “let me get you a chilled one” and swapped the bottles out. This was very nice of him.

There was singing and dancing again by the staff. I really appreciate this effort and I’m sure a lot of work goes into it. But in my opinion they over did it. I think they did this four times witch for me, once or twice is enough. I do suppose it is an entertainment for the kids.

We did not attend the after dinner show. It was the Legends show which is the passenger winners from the karaoke contests earlier in the week. I’m sure there were some good sings and I guess it would be fun to see your fellow passengers up there. But I don’t watch reality shows on TV because I’d rather watch professionals. Same with this show. Wife gambled a little bit and I watched some college football in the Bronx bar and used my last few drink coupons.

We went back to our room to finish packing. We actually had started packing Wednesday night, loading up all our dirty clothing into our carry on as it appeared we would not need to do laundry. This helped speed packing up. Wife and I both did double and triple checks to be sure we were not leaving anything behind and called it a night.

Tip of the day: If you have absolutely anything you want to clear through guest services, this is the day/evening to do it. It will be a zoo tomorrow morning.


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