Posted by: sdallnct | November 9, 2009

Vacation day 6 (11/5), Cozumel!

We arrived to an overcast day in Cozumel. We had been to Coming off in Cozamel Cozumel on previous cruises. This time they dropped us off at a different location and it was a good three+ miles to downtown. At this drop off spot was the usual shopping we have observed everywhere else. Again we took advantage of the free charm and did some quick looking around before heading downtown.

We Jimmy's placestarted to walk and then decided a taxi was a better Made at your table!idea. Again we walked and shopped, and just before the rains came we settled in at  Margaretville. Sure touristy, but always fins…err always fun! Also free internet access. I do recommend the made to order at your table guacamole (tip suggested).  And don’t leave without at least one It's 5 O'clock Margarita!

We tried to wait out the rain, but it didn’t Heavy Rains!seem to be slowing down. So we put on our rain ponchos and hailed a taxi back to our ship. Taxi was $7.00 each way. On board we had lunch, wife took a nap and I relaxed and got caught up with the blogging and hit the gym. Tonight  is the second Cruise Elegant night.

Dinner in the main dinning room was a bit disappointing. One of my least favorite so far. Though maybe after last nights Super Club, the comparison wasn’t fair. Oh the escargot was excellent (I got a 2nd order instead of a salad). But the shrimp was disappointing. A pleasant surprise was the staff singing wife and I “Happy Anniversary” and providing a yummy piece of chocolate cake with a candle. Again dancing by the staff.

The after dinner show, Far From Over, was the best by far. This was the Valor singers and dancers at their best. The show was energetic, fast paced, creative and well done. No doubt I’d have to give this one an A. This show is fun and enjoyable for adults who will recognize all the 80’s music and fast paced enough to keep the kids entertained. There was a group of women behind us trying to play “name that song/artist” with all the 80’s music. I had to help them out on a few. Not sure if that showed my knowledge or age.

Weather took a turn for the worse. It stopped raining, but very windy and get the feeling it is slowing us down. This will be the 2nd night we won’t be able to sleep with the balcony door open. We have enjoyed listening to the ocean as we sleep.

With Grand Cayman in the morning, we went to bed right after the show. We are swimming with the stingrays tomorrow. We booked outside the cruise ship, based on recommendations over at Cruise Critic.

Tip of the day: Be sure and pack some inexpensive packable rain poncho’s. Walmart has the really cheap one’s in the camping section and some $6.00 one’s in the women’s section (I also got a note/comment from someone that you can pick poncho’s up at the Dollar Stores). These can come in handy at any travel destination!


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