Posted by: sdallnct | November 9, 2009

Vacation day 5 (11/4), Belize City!

During the night it rained so we must have gone through Belize in the morninga storm cell. It was enough to wake me up which was a good thing. I shut the balcony door and pulled in my gym clothing I had out there to dry. The morning was overcast, but with the breeze felt cool and nice. Also noticed two other ships in port with us, a RCL and HAL.

We had no excursions planed so we woke at our  leisure and had breakfast. I realize I have commented on lunches and dinners but not breakfast. Breakfast was always the the typical fare (eggs, fruit and such) at Rosie’s. We have not yet made breakfast in the main dinning room. I thought the scrambled eggs at the buffet were good, not dried out, but soft and yummy. For those concerned, they also do made to order omelets, thought in my opinion they put to much stuff in them. But they are good, I just got in the habit of always asking for “light” fillings.

We did go into Belize. But only to get the free stuff for our daughter and walk around. We ended up with a t-shirt for son as well. Belize is all about the excursions. If you don’t have an excursion, this might be a port to skip. I didn’t think prices were all that great or there was anything really unique. There were a couple of places to grab a beer or margarita. We only stayed in port an hour or so before heading back. One word of warning; at the time we were in port there were two other cruise ships there. I stopped one of the cruise guys and asked how my ships they have in at once. He said the max they can have is seven and they have had that many before! I thought three brought a crowded. If there are more than three ships in port I would not go ashore unless you were doing an excursion. I can only imagine how packed every shop would be.

Back aboard weTomatos & Cheese grabbed lunch. I had the seared tuna and octopus salad again from the Fish and Chips place. I also grabbed some very good tomatoes  with mozzarella, fruit and veggies from Rosie’s. So far my favorite food eaten is the seared tuna from Fish and Chips and the shrimp that came with the lobster in the main dining room last night.

Having noted my favorite food so far, tonight we do eat at the Super Club for our anniversary meal. Wife is already planning on the surf and turf, I’m still deciding. I’m thinking just “turf”. but will see.

After a short nap, I hit the gym while wife had her hair done in the salon. Again I was surprised at how busy the gym was. Also as the we left port, there were several “sharp” turns needed. This made running on the treadmill interesting, but not really an issue.

I’m having trouble coming up with what to say about dinner at the Supper Club. Fabulous just doesn’t seem to do it justice. I also say that Sushi my overall favorite meal ever (not just favorite thing eaten, but entire meal, the experience, presentation, etc) has been Email’s Las Vegas. In total experience, this may have surpassed that. Wife did get the surf and turf and I got the Lobster lobster. This was significantly better than the lobster from the main dining room. Not only in size, but in taste and how it was cooked. Here the lobster was grilled and it had a subtle smokiness to it that added but did not overpower the delicate full taste. And I’m not sure the lobster was the best think I ate there! The escargot was very good, and instead of salad I got the sushi which was excellent. Finally there was the desert. While my wife smartly stuck to the fruit, I just had to get the Chocolate Tart chocolate tart. The presentation was only surpassed by the flavor.

Note that this is known as a steak restaurant. I had a bite of my wife’s file mignon, which was incredibly tender. I very seriously thought of getting the NY Strip which is my favorite steak  and one I cook at home with some regularity. But I just didn’t want to stuff myself. Keep in mind that stuffing oneself takes on a different definition on a cruise ship! All steak in the Super Club is US certified Prime. And a presentation by one of the chef’s along with my wife’s steak left little doubt this to be the case.

Service at the Super Club was again at another level. Without being intrusive we were checked on several times including by the head chef who took the time to describe how the lobster was cooked when I asked. The Super Club is $30 per person. This is no doubt worth it. Tip is included in this $30 per person charge, so I chose not to tip additional. I later felt slightly guilty at this. If you include the free chef’s tastings of a couple of items (we had an small extra appetizer each and extra desert), I would venture to guess this was a $100-$150 meal per person! Perhaps more.

After dinner we looked found many of our photos and “threw out” the one’s we knew we did not want. Since we wanted to see photos coming up, we did not buy the two we did like at this time. We will wait and compare to future pictures and/or buy all once.

The show was good. Arguably the best so far. I suppose that depends if you are into magicians (Rand Woodbury). The show was more than magic combining a fun attitude and some comedy with more traditional mysterious big tricks. I very much enjoyed it and would rate it a solid B. One or two more tricks and a little faster pace and I would have given an A.

We had planned to see the midnight adult show and went to the Eagles Lounge at 11:40. It was already standing room only. We hoped some of the people left over from the karaoke would depart, but it appeared all were staying for the late show. Having had a full day, we decided not to stand and headed back to room for a night cap and look forward to Cozumel tomorrow!

A quick note about tenders. If you are at a port where you need atender, you must have a tender ticket (at least early on, in port). If you are on a Carnival excursion, this is your tender ticket so just listen for the announcement. If you are on a private excursion or no excursion, then you must get a ticket. To do so you go to the designated area with your entire party, get a separate ticket for each of your party and wait there till your ticket number is called. This went relatively quickly. Your Capers will tell you where to go to get a tender ticket if needed.

Tip of the day: Do not miss the Super Club. Some may think with the good food in the main dinning room and other great selections on board it is not worth it. Well it is! Even if you were disciplined enough to only eat half of everything they brought you, it would easily be worth the cost.

Bonus Tip of the day: Check your camera for a “close up” mode. Usually identified by a flower. I did not realize my camera had this (or maybe I forget it did) until after taking a bunch of close up.

Double Bonus Tip of the day: If you find the made to order omelet guys busy in Rosie’s there is also a guy out by the pool that makes them. He was rarely busy (least when I went) and I thought he made a better omelet then the in door guys. He also continued making omelet’s later in the morning. At least once I saw him still doing it at 11:00 am.


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