Posted by: sdallnct | November 9, 2009

Vacation Day 4 (11/3), Costa Maya!

It must have rained at some point as the balcony was all wet. Scott Costa Mayo Must not have been very hard or long as my gym clothing I left outside to dry was dry and we had left the balcony door open all night and was not wet.

We did go into Costa Maya. But only to walk the shops and have a beer off the ship. We also wanted to pick up our free charm bracelet as we think this will be nice for daughter. We also bought the $5.00 charm that represents Costa Maya. Evidently there is a different charm for each port at Diamonds International that is free. At this initial port the bracelet itself is free and $5.00 for the charm. This bracelet is inexpensive and probably not worth doing anything special to get. But if your going into port anyway and have a youngster at home, it might be nice.

It wasn’t overly hot in Costa Maya, but very humid. In the shade with a breeze was nice. We just walked the pier from and back to the ship, it really isn’t that long. They have a nice looking pool available with swim up bar. So you might consider wearing a swim suit as shorts and taking a towel in case you decide to partake!

We Turkey Sandwich w-veggies returned to the ship for lunch around 1:00pm. I had a “healthy” lunch from the deli that included a Turkey sandwich on wheat bread veggies and grabbed fruit and veggies from Rosie’s. I say “healthy” as I couldn’t resist the cheese cake and some low fat soft serve yogurt for desert!

Wife napped and I hit the gym. Somewhat interestingly it appeared some of the crew had time off while we were in port as they were the vast majority present at the gym.

Show for the late dinner seating was at 7:00 pm. Showtime is basically two acts, a juggler and comedian. Cruise Director Big Tex did a short dancing routine which seemed rather obvious to fill time. Could have done without the juggler though was entertaining. I enjoyed this comedian (Jim Brick) much better and will make more of an effort to catch his adult midnight show tomorrow night. Oh, since I rated the other shows, I’d give this one a B- mainly being carried by the Jim Brick.

Dinner was uneventful. Though the staff did dance which was fun. For dinner I got the Mahi Mahi which is available every night. It was good, but watch out for the small bones! Wife got the pasta which she thought was ok, but not great as the sauce was to rich for her.

After dinner we made a short tour of the clubs/bars. Paris Hot was pretty full and music not really our style. They had a Karaoke contest going on in the Eagles Lounge called Carnival Legends. We watched a few. It was fun for a bit, but after a few “bad” singers it did get old. They are brave for trying and I give them credit. We moved over to the piano bar. Piano guy was better at the piano than at singing. Well let me say I didn’t like his voice. Others may have liked. But it just rubbed me wrong. We had a couple of drinks. We stopped for a bit at Rockin The Promenade at the Casino Bar. That was fun and entertaining.

Under our door was a confirmation for the Super Club reservation we made for tomorrow. A little more time on our balcony and called it a night. Tomorrow? Belize!

Tip of the day: Already have net withdraw? As soon as you get into port there is a little bar that is a shack looking place. You can pick up free WiFi there.


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