Posted by: sdallnct | November 9, 2009

Vacation Day 3 (11/2), day at sea!

First full day at sea. What a beautiful day! It was a little warm in the sun, but you could sit outside in the shade all day long. Just beautiful!

Wife wanted to go the shopping and excursion talks. So I went to the “Flat Belly” talk and then worked out in the gym. The talk was ok, but I ended up thinking it was a not so subtle sales pitch to buy their testing for water retention. Their lecture was mainly about detox, and while I didn’t have the testing done, my guess is that their $35 test would find something that you needed to do and they probably had “supplements” to sell you to do it.

I hit the treadmill for a 5k run. I’ll tell you, running on a treadmill on a moving boat was somewhat interesting. I’d find myself landing in a different spot on the treadmill than from where I took off. I don’t think I could have done it if the ship was really rocking. I was surprised by how busy the gym was. In fact I had to wait about five minutes for a treadmill to free up. Most of the elliptical and bikes were in use and some rather large guys were tackling the free weights.

Wife and I met back at the cabin. She mentioned the shopping lecture was the same old thing. Diamonds International…Carnival Guarantee…blah, blah…she did not stay for the excursion talk. Wife did pick up a few of the free things which will make nice gifts for daughter.

We had Burrito’s for lunch! I thought they were good. They offer a variety of fillings and I went with shrimp, black bean, lettuce, tomato, hot sauce, grilled onions, and grilled peppers on a wheat tortilla. Wife had what she called a good Bloody Mary, and I had a Bass Ale. After the Bass, I took the opportunity to crack open the Captain Morgans and mix it with Lemonade. It was really good! Better than the vodka.

Next we took our drinks and went to the Art Auction. Yes, we know all the stories of the how they are a rip off. But we have bought a few pieces on past cruises that we have enjoyed. We have also framed and hung up some of the free pieces they occasionally give. We don’t buy for investment nor do we buy anything expensive. We didn’t bid or buy this time (prices seemed higher). There was not near the amount of free art they have given in the past. But it was fun to watch.

We then went for a walk through the shops. I was surprised how few shops there were on board. Nothing exciting, but I noticed the two for $20 t-shirts didn’t seem like a terrible deal.

We than decided a nap would be good and may carry us through till we needed to get ready for elegant night. Carnival no longer does formal nights but calls them “elegant” nights. In reality I don’t know how different it really is, as they never seemed to enforce things on formal nights anyway. I’m very curious as to how people will dress. We also have the Captains reception tonight.

We never made the Captains Reception, though we did have a brief talk with Cruise Director Big Tex. And I was glad I saw him on day one in a suit and his boots. Since tonight was formal night (cruise elegant) I decided I’d go in my boots as well.

There is a lot of discussion about dress policy and such. Some don’t like having to dress up, while others enjoy the experience. Of course both groups think the other infringes on their comfort levels. I admit to falling into the camp of liking to dress up. Yes I dress up at home for meetings, presentations, interviews, and such. I was pleasantly surprised that most people were dressed formal. Without taking a a full roll call, I’d estimate that at least 60% to maybe 70% had suits/sport coats and ties. I even saw more tuxedos than I had imagined I would. I wore a dark suit with black tie and did not seem over dressed at all. Yes I saw one person in jeans but even they had a dress shirt and tie. There were a few people in dress pants and dress shirt with no tie or jacket.  I saw no one turned away, but then I was watching all that close or trying to count. I was just trying to make a general note for future reference. I was not at all judging anyone on what they wore. I just wanted to get a feel. I do this for business meetings as well. I dress a little nicer than I think is needed the first day and than evaluate for the future.

LobsterDinner on the 1st elegant night was of course lobster.   While the lobster was good it certainly was not great. How can it be with preparing that many and sitting out for that long? Truth be told the Lobster was served with lightly grilled large plump shrimp that were better in every way to the lobster. In fact, I ordered a second lobster just so I could get additional shrimp. Wife ordered the lobster and also prime rib. I had a bit and was very tender with an excellent horse radish sauce. Yes, ate way to much tonight.

The show Nightclub Express was energetic if a little long. I so far have enjoyed the male lead singer, Trent Webb voice the best. Since I graded last nights show, I’ll give this one a B-. I’d probably go with the solid B if not for the annoying talking couch (don’t ask).

We were planning on seeing Percy Crews for the adult show, but decided to call it a night. Which was fine with me as wife found him funnier than I did.

Tomorrow? Costa Maya!

Tip of the day: The lightly grilled shrimp that comes with the lobster is some of the best I have had. Even if your not into lobster, you might get it for the shrimp alone and give the lobster to a tablemate. I’m sure someone will take it off your hands!


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