Posted by: sdallnct | November 1, 2009

Vacation day 9 (11/8), travel home day :(

What a wonderful week! It was just fantastic! Sure there are some “wish list” things I would change (I might comment on that somewhere else) but absolutely nothing I would complain about.

Weather in Miami was windy, Miami but nothing like the previous two days at sea. Being in port wife checked her iPhone and saw that the hurricane was now near Cozumel! We had managed to stay ahead of it. There were already talks that next weeks itinerary was being changed due to the hurricane. At the time we left the ship, I only heard that from other passengers.

We did the carry off and we did get off the ship quickly. It did require some muscle to do it. I had a backpack and pulled our Scott Miami large rolling duffel and large rolling suitcase, while wife had her purse and our two carryon’s. Personally, I would recommend booking an early afternoon flight and just doing regular or express check out. It wasn’t terribly doing the carry off, but if you got big or heavy stuff, it is certainly work.

We took a shuttle from the port to the airport ($9.00 per person, negotiable) and by the time we go through security and all, we were still three hours before our flight. Ah well. It put wife at ease. We ended up talking to another couple on the Valor, compared experiences and previous cruises.

So there you have it. A daily blog/review/summary of our trip. I’m not sure what else I’ll do here. I think I’ll eventually add some areas to talk more about certain topics such as the ship, food/entertainment, healthy eating/working out, etc. Will see!



  1. Love your blog – thanks for the information. How did the ship look? Is it still in good shape?

    • Oh it is a great ship! Very clean! Lots of good service. Good and at times very good food. I liked the big screen (they showed the World Series). Nice gym. Lots to do, or lots of places to find a quite place to relax.

  2. Your blog was SO informative! So glad I found it. We are on the Valor 2/7-14 and very excited!

    I’ve heard there are sand fleas (or you may have mentioned it) on the beach at Roatan. Did you bring bug spray and did it help?

    We have only pre-booked excursions in Belize & Grand Caymen. Would you recommend excursions at every port?

    That’s it for now!

    • The only excursion we did was swimming with the stingrays in grand caymen. Every other port we just walked around and/or had a drink. The weather wasn’t idea as the hurricane was behind us.

      We loved the trip and the ship! Recommended!!

  3. Thanks so much for your review! My husband and I are sailing on 5/16 for our 3rd anniversary and are much looking forward to it! I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to give such detailed information.

    • We sailed on the Valor from 4/4-4/11 – the best cruise to date. The food was great, Scarlet’s was wonderful, the service and cabin attendants were attentive. We found Belize not so nice. On Roatan we booked ahead of time with Juan Carlos from islandertours – he was wonderful and gave us a nice tour and to a nice beach where we could snorkel from the shore to the reef. Please feel free to contact me if needed.

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