Posted by: sdallnct | October 29, 2009

Scott & Cathy 20 Year Anniversary Cruise.

As as way to try out this whole “blogging” thing, I thought it would be fun to start it with our Anniversary Cruise. I’ll be trying to keep up with blogging while on the cruise by using Windows Live offline. My hope is to be able to continue to update, add photos, etc then upload it to the blog when I get home. Well that is the plan anyway. We all know about plans, it is usually the execution that trips us up!

We head to Miami Saturday 10/31. Yes that means Halloween in South Beach! And our cruise departs Sunday 11/1. Yes again! That means we will be on our cruise during our actual anniversary of 11/4.



  1. Hi Scott,

    Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for the detailed review. We are on the Valor in 1 month…and though our itinerary is somewhat different (mostly backwards I think), I appreciated all the info. I could think of 20+ questions to ask, but I dont want to bog you down…but if you can think of any specific Tips, Tricks, Hints like you have done, if you would email to me, or post here, that would be awesome.

    We are flying into FLL on the Friday evening (very late)…so we have all day Sat in FLL/MIA…I have not booked any of the excursions yet…i have been to all our stops before, with the exception of Roatan. I think we did the StingraySailing few years ago…the weather was great (little rain leaving port, and then sunny by time we got to the rays), and the snorkeling was awesome.

    Since you are from Big-D…how bout those Cowboys!! Nice to see some revenge last night 😉


    • I really enjoyed spending time on South Beach. However, it can be pricey to eat there. In some cases very pricey. But there are lots of options so look around, and ask at your hotel.

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